Tools & Strategies to Empower Non-Experts
Plain-English Lectures
Focus on True Prevention
Practical Skills for Deep Engagement

Self-Paced Learning

Learning in your own place, at your own pace, gives you time to breathe, to process, and to make the most of the training.

Engaging Videos

Our dynamic lectures have been professionally produced across various locations, making learning fun, interesting and memorable.

Quick Quiz Strategy

Short mini-quiz assessments as you go will consolidate your learning, helping you achieve better retention, without marathon exams.

Practical Skills

Lectures are not just theoretical, but designed to give you practical tools, and strategies you can begin to use straight away.

Facilitate Your Group With Absolute Confidence

Leading face-to-face groups with people who are hungry for change, is something you can only do with the confidence of a strong foundation.
Circuit Breaker Facilitator Training will give you a solid grounding in the nature and dynamics of domestic abuse, with the trusted tools and strategies we've been using for over 25 years to build deeper connection, strong engagement and lasting results.

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Trusted by those you trust

"I have known Matt Boulton professionally for more than a decade and have been impressed with his past work in counselling with couples and individuals caught up in domestic and family violence. Matt has applied his vast learnings and experience in developing 'Circuit Breaker', an outstanding program to help our communities to respond to domestic and family violence in proactive ways rather than reactively. I recommend any civic leader and helping professionals to take a close look at this life changing program."
peter janetzki
Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Educator & former host of Talking Life Talkback Program 96Five FM
"It is with great pleasure that I provide this endorsement for both Matt Boulton and the Circuit Breaker Course for the early prevention of domestic violence. Matt has delivered this program in the City of Logan and trained others in the delivery of this highly effective course...

His insightful & inspiring presentation of this information & program has resulted in the empowerment of individuals and churches to address the issue of domestic violence and provide positive responses and outcomes for our community"
"We’ve really valued Matt’s practical and authentic investment in community leaders across our network. He presents training in a clear and compassionate way that really equips and enables people to understand the different causes and impacts of family violence, and how each of us can play a role in preventing it occurring in our communities. After Matt provided training to our team we received really significant positive feedback about how much more empowered they felt to support people experiencing family violence." 
Sam Hearn
National director
C.o.a.c.h network
Former mayor
mornington peninsular vic

Frequently asked questions

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Who is this Training For?

Circuit Breaker Facilitator Training is not just for counsellors, teachers or professionals. Most of our students are ordinary people with a strong desire to help prevent domestic violence in their local communities.  If you'd like to gain a solid grounding in the nature and dynamics of abuse, and to be empowered with the tools to be able to engage early with people seeking help, then this training is for you.

When Can I Start Facilitating a Circuit Breaker Group?

This facilitator training course is step one in your facilitator journey. Having completed the training, we'll show you a few easy steps to be able to gain your facilitator licence. Once licensed, a registered organization can then endorse you and add you to their facilitator team for an upcoming course.

What Happened to the Old Circuit Breaker Training School?

After over 23 years of development, our Circuit Breaker program has recently re-filmed and refreshed  our session videos, and transitioned to a new digital delivery and group-management model. We've taken this opportunity to also refresh our facilitator training, and to find it a new home with new connectivity and features. Students previously enrolled in the old course are welcomed here, and are recognised,  and accredited as before. If you have any questions about your login details, your data, your credentials or access on this new platform, please reach out using the form below, and we'll be happy to help.

How can we help you?

For any questions about our course, or your transition from our old course, please be sure to reach out to us.

address: 35 Thompson St, Bowen Hills Qld, Australia
Thank you!